Agatha prenderghast by montey4-d819se8

Agatha "Aggie" Prenderghast

Agatha "Aggie" Prenderghast is a friend of Gabe. Agatha and Gabe had known each other as children. A young Gabe once rescued Agatha from bullies when she time-traveled back in time. Gabe and Agatha played with each other as young children. One day, Gabe who was now 13-years-old reunited with Agatha when Judge Hopkins started to go after Agatha because she could talk to ghosts. Agatha hid in the woods from the evil judge and his men, but Judge Hopkins chased her. Gabe came to the rescue and grabbed her childhood friend and took her home. Gabe went back to get Kat so she could meet Agatha. But when Gabe got there, Agatha's mother, Ms. Prenderghast revealed that her daughter was captured even though she tried to keep her safe. Enraged, Gabe and Kat went to rescue Agatha who was about to hanged. Agatha's eyes widened as Gabe rushed into the scene and told Judge Hopkins to let Agatha go. One of his henchman named Eben Hardwicke pointed out that Gabe could be a witch and that they needed to hang her too. Judge Hopkins grabbed Gabe, but Kat saved her friend by knocking out the judge with a club. Gabe grabbed Agatha and carried her in her arms while the judge and his henchmen pursued them. Gabe sent the evil men to live in hell and returned Agatha safely to her mother. Gabe often went with Kat to visit Agatha.