Judge Hopkins

Judge Hopkins is a main antagonist who appears in Gabe's dreams haunting her. He is a puritan man who doesn't believe that humans who act weird should exist. He first appeared trying to hunt down Gabe's childhood friend, 11-year-old Agatha "Aggie" Prenderghast because she possessed the ability to talk to ghosts. Gabe rescued her from Judge Hopkins and the other judges. Judge Hopkins attempted to capture Gabe, but Gabe's best friend, Kat saved her. When he came to Gabe's world, he decided to hunt her down so he could destroy her. When he arrived at Gabe's house, he and the other judges went after Kari Kamiya, one of Gabe's friends attempting to capture her. But Gabe saved her by fighting off Judge Hopkins who demanded to know why they couldn't take Kari back with them and Gabe defended Kari by saying they can never get their hands on Kari. As of now, Judge Hopkins and his men are still in hell.

Known Targets Edit

Agatha "Aggie" Prenderghast Edit

Agatha is a 11-year-old girl who is a friend of 13-year-old Gabe. She and Gabe had known each other as little kids when Gabe saved her from bullies who were picking on her because she was different. Gabe understood what it was like to be different from other kids. Judge Hopkins went after Agatha because she had the ability to talk to ghosts and he believed she was a evil witch, but she was only a little girl. Gabe knew this and rescued Agatha from Judge Hopkins many times. After one more attempt to capture Agatha, Gabe sent Judge Hopkins and his men to hell with her D-7 Digivice.

Kari Kamiya Edit

Kari Kamiya is the 13-year-old daughter of Susumu and Yuuko Kamiya and the younger sister of Tai Kamiya. She is one of Gabe's best friends. Judge Hopkins and the other judges went after her planning to take her with them so that they could destroy her. But Gabe defended her friend and sent the judge and his men back to hell.

Gabrielle "Gabe" Kleckner Edit

A 13-year-old Digidestined like Kari Kamiya [She is 21-years-old in real life, she is 13-years-old in the dream world only]. Gabrielle is sweet and caring. She doesn't like bad guys who try to hurt her friends. She is the most wanted enemy of Judge Hopkins and the other judges who want to kill her for what she did to them. Gabrielle is the daughter of Kyle and Kathleen Kleckner and the younger sister of Gregory "Greg" Kleckner