Kari Kamiya (02) t

Kari Kamiya

Kari Kamiya is one of Gabe's best friends. She is a 13-year-old Digidestined who has helped Gabe out on several occasions. In one occasion, Judge Hopkins and his men had escaped from hell and ended up in Gabe's world: 2017 [the future] and decided to hunt down Gabe so they could get their revenge by hanging her when they go back home. Aware that Judge Hopkins was looking for her, Gabe alerted Kat, Kari, Devaney, Patrick, and Ken to help her. Gabe's Pokemon also participated. Judge Hopkins and his men finally found their wanted enemy. But before they could get to her, Gabe and her friends attacked them. Eben cried that they should all be hanged. Goodie Temper pointed at Kari and cried they should start with her. One of the evil judges, Eben Hardwicke started to approach Kari so he could grab her and could take her back in time with them and kill her. But Gabe protected Kari by attacking the 7 judges Judge Hopkins demanded to know why Gabe wanted to stop them from capturing Kari. Gabe yelled that Kari was her friend and she wasn't going to let anything happen to her. Gabe then sent the 7 judges back to jail with her D-7 Digivice. Kari's parents are Susumu Kamiya [Kari's father] and Yuuko Kamiya [Kari's mother]. Kari has an older brother named Tai Kamiya.